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Episode 1

The New World


According to the history of an unknown world, when the universe was born in chaos (the time without rules), various worlds made in different dimensions. Chaos where there is no light, the laws of the universe naturally sprang up in there, and several lights became seeds that could create a world in each dimension. These seeds are capable of producing each planet.
It grew up to a world tree that could breed movable organisms such as mother nature, and each world tree had different characteristics depending on the seed's ingredients. One of them that has the power of life. There was a planet formed by germinated that seed, the name is "Nooria."

Deep in the heart of the planet Nooria, the seed with warm energy sprouted and grew into lush trees. The tree that gave birth to the ecosystem, "Muzerion", was the world tree of Nooria as called the "Life Tree". Muzerion was embedded deep into the planet, rooted in many directions, and rapidly spread green ecological energy generated from the center of the tree throughout the planet. As this ecological energy spread, various plants grew on the land of Nooria. Each plant connected roots stems and leaves to each other, and transferred the ecological energy of Muzerion to the surrounding plants. There is a mysterious waterway around Muzerion. A few small waterfalls glistened, radiating a brilliant rainbow. Muzerion is the largest tree on the planet Nooria, which is much larger than the surrounding mountains. The planet was like a creature with all the plants connected to it, and Muzerion was beating like a heart.

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