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Episode 2

Muzerion, the roots of the earth that hold ecological energy


The ecological energy of the Nooria World Tree has created a planet surrounding it with a green light. In space, the planet Nooria is like a pearl with a very intense green glow. The planet Nooria existed in a different dimension of the galaxy far from Earth. From space, the planet Nooria looked like Earth, but unlike Earth, where the blue sea was seen at a glance, the sea of Nooria was somewhat different. The sea covered with ecological energy was shining more like jewels in emerald color than blue. If someone discovered the planet Nooria while traveling in space, they might have called it the Second Earth. Clouds, like Earth, covered this planet, but it wasn't a meteorological phenomenon. The clouds carried aurora, and there was no wind in Nooria. Instead, when Muzerion's heart beats for producing ecological energy, it sometimes shoots out like a big breath, which is the breath of all plant ecosystems on the planet and is proof that they live forever. As the ecological energy of the Muzerion accumulated, the mass of the planet became heavier. However, there was no change in the size, only the weight became heavy due to energy. This phenomenon proves Nooria's ecosystem can survive forever like a paradise.

The ecological energy of Nooria's world-tree was able to create new life that did not exist on Earth. It is elves ; one of well-known creatures in the fantasy by Human. As green ecological energy touched the ground and built a world of plants, among them, some flowers grew with strong ecological energy. โ€œA flower that embraces lightโ€. The flowers gave off various light and grew bigger than the flowers on Earth. The light of ecological energy clumped together in the buds to create a single life. Light gathered into a single crystal, and after some days each crystal cracked, and fairies were born in it. That was the moment when the history of elves living on ecological energy began.

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