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Episode 3

A flower that embraces life


Each flower had a meaning. It was a philosophical attribute of the flowers and a criterion by which the personality of the elves was formed. Funnily enough, the human knows โ€œLanguage of the flowers" that means each meaning of flowers. This โ€œFlower languageโ€ almost matches the characteristics of the Noorian elves. If you want to imagine about these fairies, you need to look up the โ€œLanguage of flowersโ€ on Earth. Due to the Noorian fairies are living that has same personalities matched with language of flowers in the amazing green planet.

Nooria's fairies must stand on Nooria's land for living after they are born from flowers. Human stand on Earth by the force of gravity, but the nooria's fairies do not have to step on the ground because of the same reason. They can only continue life with the ecological energy emitted by the Muzerion, when the elf's feet touch the ground, all plants distribute the ecological energy to them. Ecological energy is transferred through their feet to every corner of their bodies, allowing energy to circulate in the elves' bodies as if blood were circulating. The elves make and wear accessories such as necklaces with the pieces of crystals they were born with, which show that their bodies are circulating with ecological energy. If necessary, the gem could store ecological energy. Later, as the fairy society grew, these ornaments allowed elves to make weapons to protect themselves.

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