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Episode 4

The Great Being


One day, Muzerion began collecting ecological energy into a single wooden pillar without spewing all of it as usual. A few days later, the energy gathered in the wooden columns was made of very solid and large crystals, just like the birth of the Noorian fairies. And when the crystals suddenly broke, fragments of the crystals spread throughout the Nooria world. And a new creature, similar to a human form, was born in the debris. It was taller than the Noorian fairies and resembled a 2-meter-tall man on Earth. The long hair shone emerald like as if it were full of ecological energy, and yellow energy was coming out of his hands. But the Nooria fairies didn't know what this yellow light was. The newly born was called the "Great Being" by the Noorian fairies. Great Being not only was able to communicate with the Nooria fairies, and strangely, but also it was able to communicate with the Muzerion. In addition, its body was made up of materials that were easy to modify, as if they were liquids, and it could change the shape of body as it wanted. Also, The Great Being could produce various magic spell for the fairies. Each spell was transcribed into a book and was sealed it. Fairies could learn magic from The Great Beings one by one lead to Noorian fairy society grew rapidly.

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