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[6th contest] Berry Mango Blossom Mini Cakes

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Spring is a season of colours, with blossoming of flowers and abundance of fruits. This Influenced me. Passionate about your health, then this fruit lover's dream is just for you. Loaded with fresh fruits with a nutty, crunchy base and sugar free , it satisfies your sweet cravings guilt free. Anyone who loves food. In Uae it would cost Aed 45. In the USA probably $ 5.5 - 6.

★Funfact! colourful vibrant sweet , Has a fragrant aroma


Prep Time: 20 minutes Cooking Time: 18 minutes Cooling Time: 2 hours Total Time (prep + cooking + cooling): 2 hours 38 minutes

Serve for 6 individual portions and two, 4 inches cakes


vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free, protein rich, wholefood plant based



¼ cup each of roasted buckwheat groats, gluten free oats, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, golden raisins , 4 pitted dates, 3 tbsp pistachio butter, 1tsp each of cardamom powder, vanilla extract, few fresh mint leaves, pinch of salt.

Mango Fruit Layer

300g ripe mango puree, 2tsp agar agar powder, 50g fresh pineapple puree, 175g water, 30g finely chopped mango

Blue Spirulina Layer

250g thick cashew milk, 175g water, 2tsp agar agar powder, 1tsp blue spirulina powder, few blackberries.

Strawberry Layer

250g strawberry puree, 175g water, 2tsp agar agar powder, 115g thick coconut milk, few cut strawberries.

White chocolate 30g, a pinch of green spirulina. Fresh edible flowers to decorate.


1. Base

Blend the dates and raisins. To it add the rest of the ingredients except nut butter and blend to a coarse sticky mix. Lastly, add the nut butter. Knead into dough. Place the dough between 2 parchment paper and roll it approximately ¼ cm thick. Cut out circles. Take 6 circles and place them in the flower moulds to get flower shape. Refrigerate for 10 minutes and take them out of the mould. They are ready.

2. Place the remaining 2 circles on the bottom of the 4 inch cake tin

3. For the flower moulds - Place the fresh flowers at the bottom.

4. Mango layer

dissolve the agar agar in the water. Bring to a boil, stirring continuously. Now add the mango and the pineapple purees to the boiling water. Stirring continuously. Once thickened, let it cool a bit, then pour into the moulds. Sprinkle some cut mangoes on top of it.

5. Blue Spirulina layer

dissolve the agar agar in water, bring to boil and add the milk and 1 tsp spirulina powder. Once thickened pour over the mango layer and add some blackberries.

6. Strawberry layer

dissolve the agar agar in water, bring to boil. Now, add the milk to it and let it boil. Take off the flame and add the strawberry puree to it. Combine well. Pour over the blue spirulina layer. Top it off with cut strawberries.

7. For the 4 inches mini cakes

follow the same procedure of fruit layers simultaneously and then decorate with fresh flowers.

8. Cool in the fridge till set.

9. Only for the 6 individual mini cakes. Melt white chocolate in Bain Marie style. Add green spirulina powder. Spread the melted chocolate on the crunchy base and immediately place the fruit layers on top of it. This will fuse the fruit layers with the crunchy base together. Place in the fridge for a few minutes.

For base -mint and cardamom is optional . i like the freshness of mint. Seeds , nuts and nut butter can be as per your taste buds.. Can also replaces dates and raisins with alternative sweetener. Can buy Kasha , or roast buckwheat groats at home till they turn golden brown. Fruit layers- can use fruits of your choice. Fruits need to be ripe and sweet. Coconut or cashew milk or a combination of both is the best. Decorate with or without flowers.


Mona Irfan


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