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[6th contest] Raspberry Choco Pudding

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

This dessert menu will really spoil your tongue while also accompany you this spring ... the taste of milk in the pudding is then tucked into the sweet and sour of ressberry jam, then add the delicious Oreo chocolate cookies wrapped in ressberry sugar, and doused with legit chocolate ganache. .. the various flavors in this pudding will add excitement as a dessert in spring about how spring inspired the recipe; how you would describe the dessert in the menu; who you would recommend the dessert to; how much you would charge for it.. ★Funfact! This dessert is loved by everyone


Prep Time: 15 minute

Cooking Time: 30 minute

Cooling Time: 2 hours

Total Time (prep + cooking + cooling): 2.45 hours

Serves for 8 people


halal, kosher


Ingredients Agar-agar

2 tsp agar-agar jelly

1 ounce sugar /100 g

1 cups water /240 ml

1 cups whip cream

Ingredients other

8 tsp raspberry jam

10 pcs biscuit raspberry

Ingredients mirror glaze

250 ml cold water

9 gram gelatine sheet

Put gelatine in water 10 minute


100 ml water

100 ml whipping cream

150 gram cocoa powder

150 gram white sugar


How to make Agar-agar

Step 1: Cook all ingredients,

Step 2: Pour 1 cups of the ingredients into a small cups , add 1 tsp raspberry jam.. and then add 1 pcs oreo biscuit.. pour until full, chill it until stiff

How to make mirror glaze

Step 1 :Whisk cocoa, sugar and water: Place cocoa and water in a medium saucepan then mix until virtually lump-free. It will be like a paste.

Step 2 :Bring glaze to boil, Turn stove onto medium high heat. As soon as it comes to the boil..

Step 3 :Add heavy cream, Add a splash of cream to cocoa mix and stir. It will loosen up. then GENTLY continue to mix to combine. Do not mix vigorously and do not use a whisk..

Remove from the stove..!

Step 4 : Dissolve gelatine, Add gelatine, then GENTLY stir until it dissolves and you have a smooth glossy glaze. Straining 2 times...


Step 1 :Transfer agar-agar to rack..

Step 2:Pour over mirror glaze

Step 3 :Transfer agar-agar to platter

Serve cold .. enjoy 🤗🥰


Erna prihandayani


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