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[1st contest] Vegan Raspberry-White Chocolate Petit Gateau [Advanced]

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

#Dairy-free #Vegan #Vegetarian

Summer to me is best represented by fresh berries. Raspberries are one of my favorites. As a pastry chef, I love the combination of raspberry with white chocolate. The tartness of the raspberry blended with sweet white chocolate is perfection in one bite. Bon appetit!

I'm a professionally trained pastry chef and a visual storyteller. My passion is beautiful cuisine translated through my food photography. I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. My husband and I live in Virginia and enjoy cooking and gardening. Nature inspires my creativity.

Servings: 12

Total Time : 1hr 55min

Prep Time : 40min

Cooking Time : 1hr 15min

Shelf period : Assembled dessert up to 3 days refrigerated

Size of Container : 3.04 ounce silikomart Universo 90 mold


  • Agar Agar Powder

  • Cornstarch

  • Dextrose powder

  • Pectin NH

  • All-purpose flour

  • Almond flour

  • Vegan granulated sugar

  • Confectioner's sugar

  • Freeze-dried raspberry powder

  • Unsalted vegan butter

  • Egg replacer for 1 whole egg (Bob's Red Mill used)

  • Water

  • Liquid glucose or corn syrup

  • Fresh lemon juice

  • Vanilla extract

  • Almond milk, Room temperature

  • Coconut milk, full fat; for approximately 2cups of coconut fat (refrigerate cans overnight)

  • Raspberry puree

  • Vegan white chocolate

  • Fresh raspberries


  • Silicon Mold

  • Silpat or Parchment paper

  • Round dough cutter

What is Petit Gateau? 🇫🇷

A petit gâteau (= small cake) is a dessert composed of a small chocolate cake with crunchy rind and mellow filling that is conventionally served hot with vanillaice cream on a plate.

(Reference from : Wikipedia)

★ TIP ★

There are several steps to this recipe, but taken one at a time, makes it much easier. This is how I approach the recipe: Make the raspberry confit, raspberry glaze, and vegan sables first (Day 1). Make the vegan raspberry-white chocolate mousse on Day 2. Then on Day 3, all that is left to do is glazing.

Pro Tip: Adding raspberry powder to your dessert adds extra flavor without added moisture or calories. If you prefer not to glaze, you could dust the mousse with raspberry powder.


Step 1. Raspberry Confit

1/4 tsp Agar Agar powder

1 cup Raspberry puree

2 ½ Tbsp Vegan granulated sugar

2 tsp Cornstarch



Add puree to a 2-quart saucepan set on medium heat over a stovetop.


Whisk together sugar, cornstarch, and Agar Agar in a separate small bowl until combined. Then add to the warm puree.


Boil the mixture for 1-2min, whisking constantly.


Immediately pour hot raspberry confit into desired molds, and freeze overnight.


Remove from mold, place in a container, keep frozen until ready to use.

Step 2. Raspberry Glaze

1/2 tsp Water

1 Tbsp Dextrose powder

1 Tbsp Fresh lemon juice

1 Raspberry puree

1/4 cup Liquid glucose or corn syrup

2¼ tsp Pectin NH



Combine raspberry puree and water together in a small saucepan over low heat. Whisking gently, heat to 104℉


Remove from heat and add the liquid glucose.


In a separate bowl, combine the dextrose powder, pectin NH; then add to the warm puree mixture. Return to stovetop and bring to